VFD200 series inverter is a high-quality and simple VF control inverter.It can run a wide range of speed and torque control in high precision by decoupling control of motor magnetic flex current and torque current torque:fast and accurately,High end hardware platforms,scientific production technology and complete testing equipment make the product more stable and reliable.

  • 1,Using DSP as the core of control unit to achieve high-speed and high-performance control
  • 2,Motor parameter self-learning,intelligent setting to the optimal control model
  • 3,High performance IPM module,protection function such as under voltage,overcurrent,overtemperaature,over the ground short circuit etc.
  • 4,The unique EMC design minimizing the pollution to power
  • Applications
  • Generation power
  • Sawmills
  • water handing
  • Process industry
  • Material handing