Direct Driven Screw Compressor

Configuration characteristics:
1. A precisely-made central bracket is used to keep the motor aligned permanently with the air end.
2. A highly resilient coupling is adopted to make the compressor operate smoothly, and the elastomer is long in useful life.
3. The discharge pipe is double-wall corrugated pipe, and the oilway uses a special high-pressure hose which is resistant to temperature up to 125℃.
4. For the extremely high temperature conditions in some districts, the large-area plate heat.
exchanger and high-efficiency water chiller are used.
Highly-quality shaft coupling elastic body can buffer and compensate for the imbalanced moment of operation. The elastomer is designed into and involute cambered surface, which effectively avoids stress concentration and improve the buffering effect of the elastomer to increase its bearing capacity. In addition, the high-quality materials ensure excellent durability for the elastomer and can better absorb the vibration arising from the rotation to remove noise.

Since no wearing parts are used for the double-screw compressor air end, it can operate for up to 40000-80000 hours between failure if well maintained.

1. Large displacement: Displacement 10% higher than ordinary piston compressor.
2. Energy-saving: Compared with piston air compressor, this series of models for the new national standard two energy efficiency products, excellent energy saving.
3. Easy to operate: 24 hours unattended all day work, free load automatically start, full load automatically shut down.
4. Strong stability: Under long time working, displacement and pressure stable, no crash phenomenon, low failure rate.