Solar frequency inverter


 Synchronous and asynchronous 3-phase induction motors are supported.

 Work well with both surface mount pumps and submersible pumps.

 Specially Designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.

 Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system

If you are seeking for photovoltaic inverter for solar powered water pumping system, then you are already arrived to the right store. Our VFD700-PV solar pump inverter is definitely the appropriate choice for you.

Veikong VFD700-PV high frequency solar inverter released to the global market at the end of 2015, is the updated version of VFD700 pumping inverter. Comparing with VFD700-PV, the VFD700-PV series are of enhanced working performance such as in stability, efficiency and other functions. Since the announcement, VFD700-PV has gained more than 1000 successful application examples in various fields like agricultural irrigation, desertification control, stock farming, solar energy powered fountains and so forth. Below are the main features of VFD700-PV:

1. Convert DC to AC power

VFD700-PV can convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current to drive photovoltaic pumps.

2. Adjustable output frequency

It is capable of adjusting the output frequency automatically in line with the irradiation intensity.

3. Maximum Power Point Tracking function

Built-in with the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function, so the photovoltaic pumping system can produce better power outputs to improve the working efficiency of pumps.

4. Store water, instead of storing power

The energy storing devices such as battery have been eliminated from the system, so all the AC power can be directly used to drive pumps with the lowest energy loss.

5. Asynchronous and synchronous motors are available

While our previous modal can only work with asynchronous 3 phase induction motors, the VFD700-PV series can work perfectly with both asynchronous and synchronous 3 phase induction motors.

6. Support various kinds of pumps

Both the surface mount and submersible pumps are compatible with the photovoltaic pumping system.

7. Remote monitor function

VFD700-PV AC frequency inverter has inbuilt S200-GPRS that users can monitor the whole photovoltaic pumping system online at home or other place via our PC remote monitoring system. On the basis of user-defined curve, VFD700-PV can automatically calculate the present flow speed, flow per day, present power, total generation and more status parameters of the solar pumping system.

8. Pc tool commissioning

As VFD700-PV has developed with the PC tool commissioning , so users can upload and download technical data and duplicate the data excel to monitor the PV pumping system offline at any time.

9. Complete protections

VFD700-PV has designed with a wide range of protection functions such as water fulfill, dry run, low frequency, high voltage, short circuit, over heat, phase missing and more.

10. User-friendly

VFD700-PV is designed with an intuitive operation panel, efficient solar pump controller and ac motor speed control, along with detailed instructions, so it is convenient in installation, operation and maintenance. Additionally, the cooling and shielding effect is great.